How to Sell a Domain (100% Safe)

People tend to purchase domains but end up changing their minds. Well, for others, time caught up with them and took a new route. Wait, some people also buy domains for reselling after some time. 

Instead of letting the domain remain unused, you can make some good cash by selling it. However, not every domain can guarantee good returns. But on the contrary, you could be sitting on gold. 

With ILIKETRAFFIC, it’s easier to sell a domain name. The marketplace is the best place to find genuine buyers. Thus, do not hesitate to list your domain with us. Mark you, the transaction process is very safe and swift. 


Just like it happens with a monetized website/social media/freelance profile etc,  selling a domain is simple:

This is to ensure you are not selling fake or dummy websites. The marketplace cannot fall short of value. 

Expose your asset to the masses. There buyers awaiting to see your amazing digital property.

Your domain will be listed for 30-35 days. During this time, the domain will appear in the ‘BUY’ section for the aforementioned period.  

If the bids received are satisfying, you are at liberty to complete the sale via ESCROW.

Escrow - Safest and recommended!

Escrow is safe. Both the buyer and seller are protected. More importantly, there is no risk of charge-backs. Optimally secured payment!

How the Sale Unfolds:

  1. Buyer and seller agree on terms/prices
  2. Buyer pays
  3. Seller transfers the domain
  4. Buyer approves the domain
  5. You, the SELLER, receives pay from

Tips for Successful Selling:

Let’s have a moment of truth, you registered a domain because you had a classic idea – a company, blog, project etc. However, days, weeks and months passed. Now, the idea has faded away.

Your domain is worth something!

#Determine the value of the domain in question
#Price your domain 
#List your domain for sale

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