How to SelL A ‘MonetizED’ Website

This guide will show you how to get the price you deserve for your e-commerce store and/or monetizable website. 

Maybe you just landed a new job and need more concentration. It’s true – Maybe your mission was to stabilize your website sales and traffic and then make a memorable sale.

Well, look no further.

ILIKETRAFFIC offers you one of the most trending digital assets marketplaces. On this marketplace, you are guaranteed of getting the highest bid/price. In other words, value in exchange for quality.

Some of our successful sellers were initially worried about getting what’s worth their websites. However, they recorded sales that reflected 15-30 times their ‘monthly’ net profit. 

Your website/account/profile/asset will be sold in the following steps:

How To Monetize Your Website Content
How To Monetize Your Website Content

This is to ensure you are not selling fake or dummy websites. The marketplace cannot fall short of value. 

Expose your item/property/asset to the public.

Your website will be listed for 30-35 days. During this time, the website will appear in the ‘BUY’ section for the aforementioned period.   

Successful selling – If the bids received are satisfying, you are at liberty to complete the sale via ESCROW.

Why Escrow - The safest and recommended way to purchase/sell.

Escrow is safe. Both the buyer and seller are protected. More importantly, there is no risk of charge-backs. Optimally secured payment!

How the sale unfolds:

#Buyer and seller agree on terms

#Buyer pays

#Seller transfers the domain

#Buyer approves the website

#You, the SELLER, receives pay from

Tips for Successful Selling:

  • Invest in your website – Take it to the peak. This requires you to put in the time and effort. 
  • Opt for laying a smooth foundation for the transition to new ownership.
  • Do not sell a mess. The value will bring you the desired price
  • Calculate and Research – Know what your website is worth

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