Joseph R.

Joseph R. is a Digital Marketing Specialist and Web Consultant. When he is not talking about Cryptocurrency/Blockchain and Sports - he’s got his eye on Internet Marketing: From SEO to display advertising. Ever good at increasing awareness about organizations, brands, products as well as services through content. Do you need such a website or an eCommerce web? What about an SEO Article? Well, reach out:

seo: content promotion strategy

SEO is a common term especially in digital marketing. It stands for  Search Engine Optimization and reflects the process of increasing a website’s visibility in search engines. Examples of search engines include Google, Bing and Yahoo.  Every website owner strives to improve web ranking in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Improved web ranking means …

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What is Digital Marketing (Get the basics)

Digital marketing amazes everyone. Although it has numerous principles similar to traditional marketing approach, it’s founded on technical know-how. Here is a picture to distinguish the two, traditional marketing and digital marketing; Whereas traditional marketing marks a great avenue to reach a broad consumer base, digital marketing is the right avenue to reach ‘very specific’ …

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